Why Cheers7?

Online Booking

Online appointment scheduling helps you save time, grow your network and boost your business. With text and email notifications, your staff and customers can easily manage their appointments.


Easily manage appointments, quickly check out, and instantly obtain detailed reports. Furthermore, with our user-friendly interface, you can save more time and be stress-free.


Staff will be able to easily clock in and out with their unique pin. This feature also helps you track hours and salary of your employees.

E-Gift Cards

Customers will be able to purchase online gift cards for their loved ones. After receiving the e-gift card by email, customers can use it anytime for any service of their choosing. Not only will this benefit your clients but also increase sales. In other words, guests are likely to spend more than the original amount given to them.

Reward & Loyalty Program

Creating a customer loyalty program that gives clients great deals and rewards will help you improve your brand's reputation. You can target people who shop to save and show them you value their support.


A right marketing strategy can boost your salon’s reputation and revenue. We can help with Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, text and email marketing.

Salon Appointment Booking

The whole idea with customers being able to book appointments online is to provide convenience to them while also saving your salon time and effort. Online scheduling can save your staff hours of work every day by simply allowing customers to make their own appointments online. Customers will basically go on the website, choose the staff they like, select the date, time, and add the services they want.

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We Put You In Control

Our salon appointment book shows you exactly what you need to know and is fully customizable, allowing you to specify your working hours, set how much information you want shown, and so much more. With color coded appointments, you can tell at a glance what is going on today and make your appointment book completely your own.

Save Time with Auto Reminders

Eliminate no-shows with built-in reminder tools. Cheers7 will send your clients text messages and e-mails so you don’t t have to. Stay focused on your clients. Let Cheers7 handle the busy work!

Staying Power

Create a series of recurring appointments for your regulars, or book a client™s next visit while they are checking out with just a few quick clicks.

Scheduling That’s s as Fast as You

Scheduling That’s s as Fast as You When it’s s peak business hours, you want to quickly schedule your clients and keep your business running smoothly. Our simple and intuitive appointment book makes it easy to find availability at a glance, and reschedule in seconds with drag-and-drop.

Stay On Top of Your Confirmations

Wouldn’t t it be nice to quickly see who needs to get a confirmation call at a glance? Cheers7 makes it easy to view who’s already been confirmed from the appointment book, and checks clients in quickly once they come in.

Salon Management

Running a salons/spas can sometimes be stressful but implementing a management system can help run your business much more smoothly and efficiently. Multiple detailed reports allow you to track all transactions easily. Don’t waste time calculating employees’ hours and salary when Cheers7 can do this automatically. Furthermore, data analytics can help you know your customers, employees, products, and services better.

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Take the Pain Out of Payroll

Don’t t even think about outsourcing payroll for your salon! CHEERS7’s payroll system is powerful, easy to set up, and is integrated with your sales. All you need to do is set it up once and print checks on payday.

Commission and Bonuses

No matter what your commission structure, we have your back. Set up straight or step commission scales for your products and services, and even add exceptions or bonuses for specific items. Streamline your business and automate your payroll needs with CHEERS7.

No More Scheduling Nightmares

Set up employee schedules in minutes with CHEERS7 so that you can track vacation, sick, and personal days off. You’ll never need to guess which employees are available when scheduling a customer appointment again! Plus, you can copy and paste schedules and set them up to recur, making schedule management a breeze.

Effortlessly Track Your Product Usage

Keeping track of the costs of providing services and how it affects your bottom line may seem like a daunting task, but CHEERS7 makes it easy! Track product backbar usage automatically, apply backbar cost to services, and even adjust the commission on services based on backbar costs

Empty Shelves are a Thing of the Past

Running out of a key product not only disrupts your business, it can leave a bad impression with a client. But with powerful salon and spa management software from CHEERS7, you’ll have peace of mind. CHEERS7 gives you all the tools you need to make managing your inventory quick and easy. With product reorder notifications, reporting, purchase orders, and check printing perfectly integrated together, you’ll ll never have to say a sorry we’re re out of stock, a again.

Salon Marketing

Rather than satisfying customers with a one-time outstanding service, the better business strategy is to make one-time customers become loyal clients. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to collect as much information as you can about your customers. Cheers7 will allow you to keep a record of the customer’s personal details such as phone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, services or purchases history, and transaction records. The data that is collected helps you set up appropriate marketing strategies which will keep customers coming back and increase revenue.

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Make Your Mark

Don’t t get lost in the marketing shuffle. Dare to be bold and beautiful with completely customizable e-mail templates. With over 50 built-in templates, PITAYAA POS & CRM provides the inspiration you need to turn your marketing ideas into reality.

Set It and Forget It

Want to execute a marketing campaign for the week? How about the year? No problem. With CHEERS7, you can schedule your marketing campaigns to run whenever you want, making your growth strategy even more automated.

Hit Replay

Why settle for one great marketing campaign when you can have endless? With CHEERS7’s automated recurring marketing, you don’t t have to. Create a campaign. Set its schedule. Once. CHEERS7 will take it from there.

See What’s s Working, and Market More Effectively

It as not just about sending some e-mails. It’s about optimizing your salon marketing efforts to produce maximum positive growth. With CHEERS7’s marketing referral tracking and reporting, you’ll have the marketing tools you need to turn those mediocre campaigns into outstanding ones.

The Right Client, The Right Message, The Right Time

Unleash your business’s growth potential with complete precision. The salon marketing tools found in CHEERS7 include dozens of criteria, helping you create profitable marketing campaigns targeting only the clients you want, when you want.

Salon Point of Sale

POS provides a simple way of payment for customers. The advantages of having a point of sale includes the ability to accept various payment types such as chip cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay. Having a strong POS solution provides a faster checkout process which will boost revenue and customer satisfaction. Point of sale systems have reporting features that allow you to keep a close eye on inventory, sales, profits, and expenses.

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Here, There, or Anywhere

With CHEERS7’s integrated credit card processing, you really can check out anyone from anywhere in the world! Process credit cards on your business PC, or carry your POS software in your pocket and process online with an iPhone, iPad.

Pay It Forward

Sell packages of products and services ahead of time and redeem them as they’re used or add a balance on an account if a client is strapped for cash.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Promote your business, and look good doing it, with customized or pre-designed gift cards that can be reloaded and reused and integrate directly with CHEERS7 software.


Use coupons to enhance your marketing plan, and see the dollars roll in! Salon POS software makes it easy to create promotional offers, a proven way to increase sales. With CHEERS7, you can have coupons ready to send out in minutes, easily scan them in when they’re redeemed, and even track their effectiveness with special reporting.

Salon Reporting

Turn your salon into a finely-tuned machine. Our specialized Aveda Equivalent Benchmarking report, business performance, employee performance tracking reports and other salon reports will keep the wheels of your business running smoothly.

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Performance Reporting

Turn your salon into a finely-tuned machine. Our specialized Aveda Equivalent Benchmarking report, business performance, employee performance tracking reports and other salon reports will keep the wheels of your business running smoothly.

Client Retention

CHEERS7 can show you if your clients keep coming back for more. Client retention is a key business metric, and if your numbers are low then you may want to re-evaluate your marketing strategy (which, by the way, we can also help you with).

Profit and Loss

Gain the comprehensive insight you need to analyze the income, expense, and net profit of your business. CHEERS7’s salon software profit and loss reporting helps you make the right choices to ensure the continued growth of your salon.

Sales Totals

Trying to get a total of your sales for the day can be over whelming. With CHEERS7, this information is conveniently gathered in our reporting system under the Sales Totals and Taxes report.

Serious Security

Cloud security is vital regardless of the size of your business. Cloud security is essential for the many users who are worried about the safety of the data they store in the cloud. This includes keeping important information safe and private. The purpose of cloud security is to keep client’s sensitive info protected and secured.

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It’s OK to be a Bit Over Protective

You can never be too protective of your information. Make sure you know what gets added, edited, and deleted with the Activity Log. Never let changed information be a mystery again.

Security With a Swipe

Let CHEERS7 give you some peace of mind with employee ID cards. These cards allow your employees to quickly clock in and out, or log in and out while CHEERS7 automatically enforces all of your password protection.

In the Cloud for a Rainy Day

Store a copy of your data in the cloud with an automatic, always available, protected backup powered by Gillware Online Backup.

We Remember So You Don’t Have To

All the information you put into CHEERS7 stays protected with a built-in automatic backup system. Copies of your database can be stored on your local hard drive or any external device.

The Who, What, and When

Make a change, let CHEERS7 take note. Within each appointment you make, CHEERS7 will record each of the updates you make, so you can always look back and check what happened before, during, and after a visit.

Stand runs all our point of sale solutions, too.

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  • 5 Employee
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  • 20 Client profiles
  • Client Waiting List
  • Appointment Manager
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  • No limit Employee
  • No limit Employee Clock in/out
  • No limit Client profiles
  • Cashier, Report, Membership
  • Appointment Manager
  • Email Marketing, Setting


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  • 1 iPad pro 12.9inch
  • 1 stars thermal printer
  • 1 ipad holder,1 cash drawer
  • 1 credit card reader
  • 1000 sms & 1000 emails


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  • All Features
  • 2 ipad pro 12.9inch
  • 2 stars thermal printer
  • 2 ipad holder,1 cash drawer
  • 2 credit card reader
  • 2500 sms & 2500 emails
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